The Piano Parade
513 Canvasback Court, Birdsboro, PA
Fun in Knowledge, Skill, & Artistry, for Life!
  1. play music, write music, record songs, lead a band
  2. play music, write music, record songs, lead a band
  3. write music, play music, record songs, lead a band
  4. play music, write music, record songs, lead a band

Artistry in Life Coaching

Jump into the Personal Growth Game

Self-awareness and relaxed critical thinking are the start to taking charge and leading in life. Like any activity involving new learning and skill mastery, learning to play a musical instrument is a great setting for building a strong inner-game for personal development in all areas of life. The Piano Parade's Artistry in Life tm coaching approach does that.
  1. Managing Director
  2. Managing Director

Based on Proven Coaching Principles

Our Head Coach Chris Macy has built his teaching methods on the proven theories of the CoachVille Center for Coaching Mastery, and Master Coach David Buck, legacies of modern coaching's founder Thomas Leonard, who has contributed to success of countless movers-and-shakers across the globe, from athletes to executives.


A self-Awareness Adventure

Imagine yourself making breakfast one sunny morning, and asking yourself, "What am I getting good at when I fry these eggs? Where else might those skills come in handy? How can I up that game?" Happy news; by asking the questions, you have just upped your game. You have just gone from accidentally getting better at cracking eggs, to practicing it with purpose!

Now, imagine yourself asking those questions habitually, in your normal routine. The old saying, "You can do whatever you set your mind to" is true. Whatever you focus your attention to gets done better. This is the road to high-powered and continuous personal improvement in all of life!

What We Do

Using the context of musical learning and skill mastery at the piano, The Piano Parade students discover and practice powerful inner-game skills for conscious daily personal-growth and improvement.

How We Do It

Every new piece of music is an opportunity to engage our natural curiosity to make the empowering shift in thinking from I can't do this, to how do I do this? The result is tons of fun! And secure explorative learning through self-guided experimentation (i.e. play).​​

The Key Step - coaching

In every lesson we use dialog, games, and play tools, like the Video Game Challenge, and the Super Powers  Treasure Box , to show how to apply and practice the inner-game skills for enhancing your everyday life. That's powerful learning!​

How Players Benefit

A relaxed and focused mind-set for playing hard at winning the big game of happy and healthy living!