The Piano Parade
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Fun in Knowledge, Skill, & Artistry, for Life!
Education, Training & Coaching 
Available In our studio, in your home, or online via Skype

Applied Piano, Skills & Proficiencies of Musicianship, Artistry in Music, Leadership & Performance Coaching

  1. Applied Piano
    Individual private instruction and coaching in our professional piano studio. Unless otherwise arranged, sessions are held weekly, and are 30 minutes in duration for beginners and 40-60 minutes for intermediate and advanced Students. Includes Artistry-in-Life coaching. In-home lessons are available on a limited basis. Please call 610-763-7129 for tuition rates, based on travel distance/time.
  2. Music History & Piano Literature
    Music History, Listening, and Piano Literature academic module for Applied Piano students. Baroque, Classic, Romantic, Impressionistic, & 20th/21st Century periods. Includes an additional 20-minutes instruction time, provided concurrent with piano instruction.
  3. Theory & Musicianship
    Music Theory, and Ear-Training academic module for Applied Piano students. Sight-singing, pitch/rhythm dictation, diatonic/chromatic harmony. Includes an additional 20-minutes instruction time, provided concurrent with piano instruction.
  4. Total Applied Piano & Academic Package
    Includes Applied Piano, and both History & Literature and Theory & Musicianship modules. Weekly instruction is 60-minutes in duration.
  5. Artistry in Life Coaching
    Personal coaching in the context of musical learning at the piano. Expand self awareness, and express your talents fully and expressively in all of life's endeavors. Become a relaxed and articulate critical thinker as you practice for mastery of new skills with greater energy. For those not currently enrolled in another program, please call for quote.
  6. Higher Ground(tm) Leadership Coaching
    LEADER OF THE BAND - A NEW special learning module for teens & adults emphasizing the forward-looking Higher Ground Leadership principles of Executive Coach Lance Secretan. Players will form a band, compose, record, perform, and market an original song. They will practice collaborative skills, and receive an overview of business administration and project management.