The Piano Parade
513 Canvasback Court, Birdsboro, PA
Fun in Knowledge, Skill, & Artistry, for Life!
Music & Artistry Education and Training
Musical and cultural learning is only the beginning! ​Parents, we support your efforts to boost your child's development, power up confident learning, and nurture healthy personal discovery. Students are coached to courageously pursue
knowledge, understanding, and greater mastery in ALL aspects of life.
Personal Growth & Leadership Coaching
We believe MUSIC LESSONS should be fun. They should also lead to self discovery, and personal growth, while developing an appetite for mastery in all of life's endeavors. Our inspired educator-coach brings all that conveniently to your home, or in our fully-equipped studio.

Support Circle

We understand that every worthwhile endeavor in life benefits when we are ALL in it to win it, playing together. So, we provide lot's of support to parents and other student helpers, so you can take part fully, and get our players playing hard, and loving it.

Courageous Learning, Powerful Living

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Welcome parents, and all of our magnificent student helpers! And, thank you for your involvement in our exciting learning program. On this page, you will find articles, links and other resources to help students get the most out of this truly unique learning path. Your involvement will help super-charge students' experiences, and turn them into the most courageous and powerful learners on the planet!

Within the context of learning music and artistry, our students learn about living their lives dedicated to the pursuit of mastery, continuous growth, and collaborative learning. And, in that spirit, we encourage you to co-create with us a custom-tailored approach for your student's learning program.